Baby Takes Manhattan

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I’ve been on a blogging hiatus, spending every minute working on giant work project while doing my best to juggle parenting responsibilities. The good news is that after months of hard work, the project has now come and gone, a success thanks to many. I was completely in the zone for the past month, so I apologize for being a terrible blogger and/or missing your posts. 

Last week I was in DC for the said project. I was excited of course, to see all of the hard work come to fruition, but it was the first time away from both kids, and I was a bit nervous. I prepped the Mister, the sitters, and left out outfits for the kids - I know my husband can feed them, but dress them?!

I will say, it was amazing to arrive at the airport with one bag, a carry on no less, and sit uninterrupted and read. First thing on my list was to stop for lunch at Shake Shack (good, but not as amazing as usual),then take a quick walk to the White House to pick up some goodies for the kiddos. Even managed to squeeze in a quick facetime session at the WH, which thrilled C! By nightfall, alone in my room, the silence was deafening, the bed enormous for just one person and I was longing for my family. So I did what anyone else would do, devoured the giant bottle of $8.00 gummy bears!

The days were full, busy and they blended into one another- but Thursday evening, I managed to head to Jaleo, which had long been on my list of places to try since I am a huge fan of Chef Andres.  I will say the cava sangria was fantastic, but the food, meh…I expected more and left underwhelmed, and confused by the decor. Tapas served in giant shoes?

I arrived home on Friday, exhausted but excited. The cries of mama and the giant hugs that followed, by all including, Maddie, my fur child, were amazing. And that, was the perfect start to our long weekend.