Baby Takes Manhattan

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Weekend Update

This weekend was spent unpacking/organizing (snooze). Charlotte LOVES her room and her newfound space! 

Saturday we spent some time walking around the neighbourhood, while the smell of chocolate wafted in the air for blocks. It was AMAZING. I think there’s a chocolate factory nearby? We stopped at Erie Park for some time on the swings, Binny’s for a few bottles of vino (where M ran into an old colleague from NYC who now lives nearby), Xoco for some aztec hot chocolate and churros! I had to after smelling chocolate for a million blocks!! It was a delicious treat! 

Yesterday we headed to Michigan Ave to do some shopping. Snagged some fleece leggings that are amazing! Then relaxed with some RHOA…not digging this one as much as the others.

Looking forward to a short week, family time in Michigan & meeting our new niece!

p.s. Huge thanks to socalledlife & kellykovetscouture for your foodie recs :)

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