Baby Takes Manhattan

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Random Musings

  • I’m totally late in joining this parade, but Ebates is amazing! Seriously, why didn’t I do this ages ago? Also loving Spotify and all the Christmas cd’s - Buble, Bocelli, Boney M…yes, Boney M. Don’t judge!
  • Checking off my to-do list: Christmas cards ordered, photo books made for grandparents & ordered, half of my Christmas shopping done!!
  • Need to find a Christmas tree lot in my neighbourhood & Santa for pics with C?
  • My friend had to cancel her trip this weekend since her father is hospitalized. Instead, we will be setting up our Christmas tree & checking out Dose Market on Sunday!!
  • C can’t seem to eat enough these days. She is def. going through a growth spurt. After finishing a big meal, she saunters over to the pantry, starts pulling out things and screaming “YUMMMMMMMY”..or “Coooookie”. Is it possible for babies to have tapeworms…kidding!

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