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Weekend in pictures

Sunday night—trying to take care of some last minute chores, then hope to relax after a busy weekend.

This weekend was good! Caught up on a lot of Christmas shopping! Friday night the Mister had a work event but didn’t get home too late & we ordered in from La Madia. Verdict: good pizza, bad pizza fondue (ie: bread and bad ragu). Oooh, he spotted Beyonce and Jay-Z! Saturday we ventured out to do a few errands—mainly groceries & to get a Christmas tree. We also managed to get Charlotte her first haircut (amazed that she never budged once!)! It was also the first time I have been in a Land of Nod store (they don’t have one in NYC). It seriously was amazing- not just for C but the Mister & I had fun too. We set up the Christmas tree and my heart overflowed upon hearing Charlotte remark “Woooooooooow” after seeing it all lit up! 

Today we briefly checked out the “One of a Kind Show”, but it was a bit overwhelming & C wasn’t in the mood. Got her down for a nap and popped over to Dose Market where I picked up some delish stocking stuffers for the Mister! How were your weekends?

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