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Sunday Scoop

Vegetarian Chili is simmering, i’m catching up on emails and C and the Mister are watching “The Lorax" - (second time since yesterday), she literally cried for 15 mins when it finished! This is the first real movie she’s ever watched & I have to say it’s pretty great!

Friday night was chilly and rainy- we relaxed in with some Chinese food and caught up on our DVR. Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00 a.m. (thanks baby boy!) and we headed to Meli Cafe for an early morning breakfast (thanks Check, Please!). C had been asking for strawberry pancakes and her eyes nearly popped out of her head when they materialized! Afterwards we strolled around  the Gold Coast, did some shopping, then stopped into Slurping Turtle for lunch. Was super psyched that they now have take-out and to see that they revamped their menu a bit. Miso Ramen was delish, C was pleased with miso and noodles and a glimpse of Chef Takashi. Ok, maybe that was me ;) Nothing I enjoy more than soup on a brisk day, just difficult to enjoy since they have no high chairs! 

Today called for errands, some online shopping & looking forward to veggie chili, the Emmy’s & RHONJ Finale! 

Hope you all had a fab wknd!

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  1. nibblesandbits said: What a coincidence, Ryan just watched The Lorax last week, also his first movie! He’s been talking about it ever since! It’s so cute and “safe” for little ones.
  2. almosthalfway said: She’s so cute!
  3. chercheraveclecoeur said: She is completely adorable!
  4. kellykovetskouture said: We should meet there one day!
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